Horizontal vs Vertical scaling: An in-depth Guide

Reading Time: 5 minutes As we expand our operations or our clientele base develops, hundreds of things change. From employee strength to resource count, we scale upwards. Similarly, when the business is growing, our cloud infrastructure also alters. As a result, we need enhanced cloud computing power to serve the new customers and maintain the new databases. But, given…

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The Definitive Guide To Choosing Right AWS EC2 Instance Types For Cost Saving

Reading Time: 10 minutes AWS offers close to 15 instance classes and based on your workload requirements, many configuration and pricing options are available. In this blog, we will do a deep dive into the AWS EC2 instance costs and offer some tips on how to keep them under control so that you can avoid unexpected spikes in your…

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AWS Graviton: Basics, benefits, and processing

Reading Time: 4 minutes Amongst the most potent launches, AWS Graviton Processors were launched in 2018. At the launch event, the AWS team conveyed three significant objectives for the release, i.e., offering additional alternatives for EC2 instance users, Processor being supportive of Arm-based applications, and boosting performance hits while reducing virtualization costs. Since then, there has been quite a…

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The Ultimate Guide to AWS S3 Pricing Components and Storage Costs
The Ultimate Guide to AWS S3 Pricing: Components and Storage Costs

Reading Time: 5 minutes The first AWS service to go live in 2006 was Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). It is basically an object storage service offering scalability, security, availability, and performance. To meet your unique commercial, organizational, and compliance needs, Amazon S3 offers management options that let you categorize data and set access controls. Being one of…

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Ultimate Guide to AWS EDP
Your Ultimate Guide to AWS EDP

Reading Time: 4 minutes As the ultimate solution to all your cloud needs, AWS offers well-optimized cloud services. But, amidst the ever-increasing cloud bills, cloud cost optimization has emerged as a must. No matter the size of your company, cloud management must be implemented to prevent wasting money and resources on underutilized cloud assets. Even when it comes to…

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Introducing AWS MAP Tracker – Maximize MAP Funding, Track Progress & Automatically Tag Resources with nOps AWS Migration Tool

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tracking your migration progress can be challenging as there are several moving pieces. To maximize your MAP funding, you have to stay on schedule and also make sure all of your resources are tagged properly. Every day that you have resources that are not tagged properly, you lose money, leading to thousands of dollars wasted…

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graphql data warehouse
GraphQL: Cloud Data to Visualize AWS Infrastructure Resources

Reading Time: 4 minutes How using GraphQL and nOps can give you answers about your infrastructure faster. AWS Infrastructure Visualization is Needed to Simplify Cloud Administration. The number of elements used in the AWS infrastructure is constantly growing, at the same time the number of relationships and dependencies between services is also growing. For example, to run and configure…

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Automate AWS Reserved Instances to Save up to 30% over On-Demand Cost

Reading Time: 4 minutes You’re a DevOps engineer and your boss comes to you and says, “We need to buy Reserved Instances to cut our costs.” You do some googling to learn more about RIs; you learn there are different types of Reserved Instances: Standard and Convertible. A Standard Reserved Instance provides a more significant discount than a Convertible…

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What Are the Pros and Cons of AWS Chargebacks?

Reading Time: 3 minutes AWS (Amazon Web Services) chargeback is an IT financial management strategy of recovering costs from different business units according to their spending. It allocates the cost of AWS services to the business unit where your business needs them. AWS chargeback occurs when you charge each business unit on your main account according to how much…

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