nOps is the #1 tool for performing automated well-architected assessments. Business priorities change and infrastructure is constantly evolving to meet the business requirements. nOps makes it easy for developers and DevOps engineers to conduct automated assessments and remediate high-risk issues.

Not all workloads are created equal. For some workloads, you must optimize for reliability, for others you optimize for cost. nOps helps to visualize the infrastructure, enabling you to find the gaps for mission critical components.

Let’s walk you through how nOps automates the process for reviewing your workload so you can make the right tradeoffs.

Visualizing your workloads

We process hundreds of millions of dollars in cloud spending. One common thing is that tagging is never perfect in a customer’s environment. So nOps groups resources by VPC and sorts by the most expensive workload at the top. VPC normally paints a really good picture of a workload. It’s common for people to find test workloads still incurring costs that they are no longer using.

View the gaps in your workload and take actions

We breakdown the workload by VPC => Availability Zones => Subnets => Resources. You can click on the VPC, Availability Zone or subnet to see high-risk issues.

Reliability pillar

It’s critical to have proper monitoring for all the mission-critical components. It’s also vital to ensure that the right people get notified when there are issues with the resources.

In nOps you can select a mission-critical subnet and see all of the related reliability issues. We surface all resources that don’t have any monitoring or notifications. Users can quickly create a JIRA ticket with the team to take action and collaborate on this high-risk issue.

In this example, we have two resources that are not getting monitored.

Complete well-architected assessment

Periodically, it’s essential to have a complete well-architected assessment. nOps integrates with the well-architected tool. We automatically map the questions with well-architected findings. A well-architected assessment is a great way to discuss with your team how to make the right tradeoff for your workloads.

We hope you see the power of nOps. nOps can help you to take the guesswork out of making the right tradeoffs, helping you answer a simple but tough question, is this workload well-architected?

JT Giri

JT Giri is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He focuses on building a culture that allows teams to reach their highest potential. He enjoys HIIT workouts, learning, and meditating.