Over the last decade, there’s been a rapid increase in companies shifting their models from traditional on-site servers to cloud computing. From cost savings, fault tolerance, scalability, to globalization, the benefits of transitioning to cloud are insurmountable, making this movement a revolution rather than a trend. But the speedy and steep trajectory of organizations abandoning on-premise, local infrastructures wasn’t seen until 2020 during the peak of the pandemic. For one, it powered hybrid work, allowing remote employment anywhere around the world. In fact, 8 out of 10 companies implemented work-from-home policies, resulting in businesses adopting multi-cloud IT to continue operations despite strict pandemic protocols.

As multiple industries are entering the post-pandemic era, the cloud has now become the standard. However, adoption is one thing, management is another. Successfully moving to cloud is just winning half the battle – the real challenges are reducing cloud wastes, proper cloud management, real-time analysis and cost insights, and cost optimization.

In the middle of this transition, businesses left and right found themselves on a slippery slope in navigating the glaring gaps that could potentially hinder growth, efficiency, and profitability. nOps, an AI-powered SaaS solution provider, helps rapidly growing businesses build, manage, and operate a well-architected AWS or Azure infrastructure that is secure, cost-optimized, reliable, efficient, and operationally excellent.

Key Driver of Cloud Adoption

The secret to nOps’ efficient cloud management is that it puts an organization’s cost optimization on autopilot, which means businesses won’t do any of the heavy lifting to keep their cloud in shape. This is particularly integral for complex organizations where speedy governance is paramount for them to gain access to management controls for cost and security.

nOps’ goal is to reimagine cloud management for organizations with solutions like:

  • ShareSave Risk-Free Commitment Management – Allows companies to maximize their Amazon EC2/RDS Reserved Instance Spend. It offers real-time, risk-free, hands-free automatic life-cycle management of Amazon EC2/RDS commitments, giving organizations the flexibility of On-Demand with the savings of 1-year Reserved Instances (RIs).
  • ShareSave Scheduler and Amazon EventBridge – Allows companies to automatically stop and start resources during non-peak hours or periods of inactivity to simultaneously boost efficiency and reduce waste. What’s more, it also leverages the Amazon EventBridge bus to restart them when they are most likely to be used.
  • ShareSave Container Optimization – nOps acknowledges that the goal of an efficient Kubernetes allocation is maximizing cost benefits with little to zero interruption. This solution is easily deployed and maintained in every organizational environment and smoothly forwards relevant details to existing data platforms, achieving real-time analysis and cost insights.
  • Cost Optimization – nOps’ cost optimization solution reduces cloud spending by 18 to 50% through cloud environment optimization. This includes controlling mismanaged resources, waste elimination, sizing computing services for scalability, and reserving capacity for higher discounts.
  • AWS Cloud Migration – This solution automatically tags resources and tracks migration processes to maximize an organization’s MAP funding, keep up with schedules, and properly tag resources.

nOps serves as a key player in helping organizations around the world not just smoothly adopt cloud computing in the post-pandemic world, but also control their cloud spending through cutting-edge optimization tools. Ultimately, their mission is to provide instant visibility to changes in a company’s AWS infrastructure, enabling leaders to track, manage, monitor, and optimize all things cloud costs.