As the ultimate solution to all your cloud needs, AWS offers well-optimized cloud services. But, amidst the ever-increasing cloud bills, cloud cost optimization has emerged as a must. No matter the size of your company, cloud management must be implemented to prevent wasting money and resources on underutilized cloud assets. Even when it comes to cost optimization models, AWS steps up with saving models like AWS EDP, AWS MAP, AWS PPTS, and several more in the AWS EDP marketplace. So, let’s start with AWS EDP today and delve a bit deeper into the details of the program.

What is AWS EDP?

The AWS EDP, which stands for Amazon Web Services Enterprise Discount Program, is a savings program designed for enterprise cloud users who have a demonstrated history of high commitment. Basically, it offers an appreciable flat discount on AWS user fees. Coming to the technicalities, this program assists in sustainable scaling in exchange for a long-term commitment from its customers, which usually ranges from 1–5 years of tenure. The discount rates usually rise with cost and tenure commitments.

AWS EDP (Enterprise Discount Program) aims to maximize commitments with AWS. And as an assistant to a customer, it facilitates economical scaling with AWS EDP discount as a medium. The AWS EDP program offers a systematic strategy to promote long-term alliances that reward consistent and high-volume AWS usage. The AWS EDP may be the right fit for you if your monthly AWS cost reaches $100k or less in some non-US regions.

 For EDP eligibility, customers must depict a history of spending $1 million or more on AWS services, or maybe a commitment to do so in the upcoming years. The discount rates vary accordingly, but for a $1+ million annual commitment, the discount rate may lie around 9 percent for the standard AWS on-demand pricing model. The discount bracket ranges from a minimum of $1 million to a maximum of $50 million in annual spending.

What are the AWS EDP requirements?


What are the AWS EDP requirements

The majority of AWS solutions and professional services across all AWS regions are normally covered by the EDP AWS discount program. In light of these conditions, the AWS EDP Program is best suited for businesses that are certain about their future service utilization and spending needs. Let’s explore the eligibility criteria for availing of the AWS EDP discount:

  • Described history or upcoming commitment of more than $1 million in spending on AWS services. The minimum bracket can vary for some other non-US regions.
  • The tenure-length commitment of A tenure of 1–5 years

Other terms and conditions may change accordingly. The lack of information on AWS EDP terms might indicate that they would tailor the terms to each customer. Users have the flexibility to customize enterprise agreements to best meet their needs and maximize the AWS EDP discount. Thus, it is advised to contact the concerned representatives to avoid any confusion.

Strategies for negotiating an AWS enterprise agreement


Qualifying for EDP is not that tough. However, realizing AWS’s full potential will be a difficult task. To make the most of the opportunity, here are some strategies for negotiating an AWS enterprise agreement you can focus on:

  • Analyze your past AWS expenses and take into account all variables to closely forecast future spending. The forecasting game is the most important pillar of this board.
  • With EDP, AWS aims for long-term collaboration and wider business from your company. Thus, show them the value your company will bring to the table by making a long-term purchase commitment.
  • Forecast your AWS cloud requirements accurately and utilize this data to your advantage when requesting a particular EDP discount tier.
  • See if there are any additional AWS cloud users in your immediate association, i.e., the parent organization or subsidiary. Consolidating the AWS budget will help you get better deals.
  • In the end, it is all about your negotiation skills; you have to show them why they would not like to lose you! Make sure you know what you are committing to and on what basis!

Popular Alternatives to AWS EDP

Similar concepts to the AWS EDP enterprise discount program are also referred to by phrases like “site license,” “enterprise agreement,” “volume purchase agreement,” and “all you can eat.” All of these are linked by the fact that the vendor receives a significant revenue and spending commitment, while the organization receives discounts and flexibility. Even if you do not qualify for the AWS EDP, you can explore others here:

  • AWS Partner Opportunity Acceleration Program: The AWS POA program is intended for certain projects with clear objectives. To qualify for the POA program, firms usually collaborate with their strategic services partners to identify the precise scope of an upcoming, well-defined project. The total amount of financing for projects is determined by the estimated AWS usage for each project. nOps can help you determine and forecast cloud spending to ensure you are not missing out on eligible discounts.
  • AWS Private Pricing Term Sheet (PPTS): For comparatively smaller companies in the AWS EDP marketplace, AWS PPTS lowers the entry bar to a commitment threshold of $500k annually, which is a lot less when compared to AWS EDP.
  • AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP): Helping clients easily migrate from on-premises data centers or another vendor to the AWS cloud, this AWS program offers onboarding discounts and many other benefits, like migration credits.
  • Other AWS Programs: AWS offers numerous payment pricing models for cost savings that are premised on frequency, volume, and commitment tenure. The most popular ones include the AWS Savings Plan, Volume Discount, Dedicated Hosts, and several others.

How can nOps help you with AWS EDP?


How can nOps help you with AWS EDP?

One of the major mandates for being able to access the AWS EDP savings is the capacity to predict future cloud costs. And here is exactly where nOps Sharesave steps in. With its assistance with asset management, resource allocation, and infrastructure cost tracking, nOps is an ideal fit to get assistance with forecasting and management of your AWS Cloud spending.

It can be highly time-consuming to try to create the reports and combine all the data from the billing dashboard of AWS, but nOps Sharesave gets your back with all the projections premised on cost per unit, historical amortized cost, and other cost analyses. We assure you the best of the AWS EDP negotiations.