How Prime TSR uses nOps to grow its cloud governance practice, accelerate AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews, and optimize customers’ AWS costs.


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Prime TSR, a Select Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network, is a boutique technology consultancy. It specializes in the digital transformation of legacy applications and cloud integration to implement custom, cloud-based applications and data platforms for Fortune 1000 companies in the healthcare, insurance, and professional services industries. Its corporate philosophy is to build trust by combining customer intimacy with integrity. Prime TSR helps customers reimagine how technology can be a tarmac for progress in a world of constant change. To learn more, go to


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Grow cloud governance practice, accelerate AWS Well-Architected Reviews, drive sales of high-value solutions, and help customers optimize AWS costs.


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Grow its cloud governance practice, accelerate AWS Well-Architected Reviews, drive sales of high-value solutions, and help customers reduce AWS costs.

Prime TSR provides expert services for cloud management and governance. They wanted to increase customer stickiness and grow their cloud governance practice by elevating customer discussions to focus on business goals and high-value solutions. Prime TSR embraced AWS Well-Architected Reviews as a way to provide infrastructure assessments to clients, based on AWS best practices. But, they wanted to apply automation to spend less time assessing customers’ as-is architecture (sometimes provided only superficial or imprecise information) and engage clients in insightful, fact-based conversations focused on high-risk issues. Plus, they wanted a fast and intuitive approach to persistent requests for cost optimization.

"We’re so impressed with nOps’ automated discovery for AWS Well-Architected Reviews. The time-savings are invaluable, and the depth and detail of insights enable more proactive and strategic recommendations to our clients. It makes a difference – we have 100% acceptance of our remediation proposals using nOps for Well-Architected Reviews.” - Geremy Reiner, Associate Principal, Prime TSR


“nOps fits our view of the world,” according to Reiner. nOps enables Prime TSR to have powerful conversations with customers about governance, policies, and architecture — all leveraging best practices from the AWS Well-Architected Review and a near-real-time view of cost.

nOps automates the discovery of high-risk issues in customers’ AWS architecture, revealing noncompliance with AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices. Using nOps, Prime TSR can execute an AWS Well-Architected Review four times faster than it would take to do a standard assessment — and with far more detail and accuracy.

Prime TSR has used nOps to help customers reduce their AWS costs by 5-20%. Customers have invested these cost savings in new projects to drive strategy and growth, fueling Prime TSR’s own cloud governance and DevOps services growth.

nOps has helped Prime TSR grow its cloud governance practice by 150% and double the number of customers quarterly.

"Governance is driven by policies,” said Reiner. “Working with our customers, we’ve found that there are often real disconnects between financial governance, operational governance, and cost governance. We work with them to optimize their cloud costs and create a best-in-class governance program for continued optimization. nOps enables us to help them meet their cost-savings goals while increasing their application’s performance, security, and customer experience."

Early in the customer engagement process, Prime TSR uses nOps primarily for cost management and security — these are typical areas where a customer’s infrastructure has the most high-risk issues. When customers have needed to do HITRUST audits, they’ve relied on nOps to help them achieve and stay in compliance.

After a Review, Prime TSR uses nOps to provide customers with a broad set of ongoing services, using change management features to flag exceptions and outlier issues, perform AWS billing reconciliation, use chargebacks for internal cost allocation, identify shadow IT, do trend analysis and forecasting, and achieve continuous compliance with Well-Architected best practices.

"Facts drive metrics, which enable continuous improvement. From my Marine Corps training, ‘You can’t shoot what you can’t see.’ nOps gives us incredible visibility that helps us define cloud governance and architecture, aligned with best practices."

- Jim Burnham, Director of Channels, Prime TSR


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