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What is nOps?
  • nOps is cloud management for AWS. Instant visibility to changes in your AWS infrastructure enables change management, continuous cost & resource optimization, painless compliance & security audits, workflow automation with AWS Service Catalog, and automation of AWS Well-Architected Reviews.
Who created nOps?
  • nOps began as a set of methods, processes, and tools created by DevOps and cloud professional services teams at nClouds, an award-winning, certified AWS Premier Consulting Partner. From the start, services clients, ranging from startups to enterprise IT organizations, were very excited about the capabilities, so we expanded and productized the capabilities into nOps, a commercial SaaS offering.
What does nOps do?
  • Track and manage all your AWS cloud changes. Get instant visibility to change requests and delta to your infrastructure.
  • Monitor and optimize the usage cost for cloud infrastructure. Proactively reduce cloud costs by identifying zombie instances that were spun up, used, and abandoned with the meter running.
  • Create workflows integrated with AWS Service Catalog to centrally manage commonly deployed IT services.
  • Automate change authorization process with the built-in rules engine to auto-approve most standard changes.
  • For exceptions, create and trigger workflows easily that notify the right team members based on specific changes, sending the notifications, with context, via Slack, HipChat, and Jira.
  • Automatically log changes in config history in a modern CMDB, along with Jira tickets.
  • Go beyond current spreadsheet swapping to support security and compliance audits like SOC 2, with no pain.
  • Prevent and remediate incidents faster by giving SREs instant visibility to correlate changes.
How much does nOps cost?
Will nOps cause my AWS billing to increase?
  • No, nOps helps bring visibility to your AWS costs. nOps is a web application that requires a read-only role to provide visibility to your entire infrastructure.
How does nOps use my AWS account details?
  • AWS account details are used to access logs and the AWS API and do not access any application data.
  • nOps uses AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch logs to create various dashboards.
How can I ensure that AWS account details are not compromised?
  • AWS accounts details are stored in a highly secure format. The nOps site is SSL and sensitive data is encrypted.
  • User sensitive data is encrypted. We first encrypt it in the browser then re-encrypt with a more secure algorithm (RSA 2048 and SHA-256) once it reaches our servers. All web connections are sent via 256-bit SSL.
Can I setup multiple AWS accounts in nOps?
  • You can add multiple AWS accounts in nOps and monitor the changes.
How can I obtain details for a particular server or infrastructure?
  • nOps provides a powerful search facility enabling you to search a particular server or infrastructure.
How frequently is nOps data refreshed?
  • nOps data is refreshed every 60 minutes.
  • Billing data is fetched once a day.
Why might I see differences in my billing in AWS and the details in nOps?
  • There could be a difference due to credits, taxes, or adjustments made by AWS.
  • Also, there could be a difference due to timing. nOps ingests billing once every 24 hours from the daily billing files that AWS puts into your billing bucket.
Is nOps ITIL compliant?
  • We are actively working to make nOps ITIL compliant. We will announce compliance when it is ready.
What third-party integrations are available for nOps currently?
  • Currently, nOps supports integration with AWS Service Catalog, Jira Software, Slack, HipChat, and email.
Can nOps help with a security audit?
  • Yes, nOps reports can help address security audit questions related to cloud changes.
Are there limits to how many events or change requests can be tracked with nOps?
  • No, there are no limits to the number of events or change requests.
What is Slack Bot and how it can be used?
  • nOps Slack chatbot, or Slackbot, can help you to create change requests from a Slack channel. The nOps Slackbot monitors Slack channel conversations for keywords and will prompt for actions like creating a change request in nOps. Check our help page to see how to setup Slack bot for nOps

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