ShareSave by nOps

Maximize Your Amazon EC2/RDS Reserved Instance Spend.

Do you struggle managing your Amazon EC2 commitments and spend? ShareSave provides real-time, risk-free, hands-free automatic life-cycle management of Amazon EC2/RDS commitments. Get the flexibility of On-Demand with the savings of 1 year Reserved Instances (RIs) - or better!


Have you made a 1-year or 3-year commitment to AWS Reserved Instances (RIs) or Savings Plans (SPs) to optimize cloud compute costs?

Are you concerned about risking over-provisioning or under-provisioning because you can’t predict your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) usage that far in advance?
Is your engineering team devoting their time to continuously monitoring and optimizing Amazon EC2 environments to maximize cloud savings — time that could be better spent on innovation?

Get a fast, free, personalized cost estimate — based on your input

You’ll save more and avoid the financial risk of self-managed RI and SP commitments.
We share a percentage of our savings with you, which increases if your volume expands or you purchase additional nClouds services.

With ShareSave, you can:

Pay only for what you use.
Achieve up to 40% savings, risk-free.
Let your engineers focus on innovating, not billing.

With ShareSave automation, you’ll save more than RI’s without the overcommitment risk of Reserved Instances or Savings Plans.

We share a percentage of our savings with you, which increases if your usage expands or you purchase additional nOps services. Our optimizations give you the flexibility to switch types and commitments as needed - and as your environment expands your savings grow.

ShareSave by nOps ensures maximum savings on your reserved instances.

Adjusts Amazon EC2 commitments in real time based on the environment’s capacity requirements.
Achieves optimal commitment utilization and a dramatic reduction in Amazon EC2 spend.
Eliminates need for constant supervision of unused RI commitments.

Risk-free, buy-back guarantee.

Zero engineering effort.

Immediate cost savings.

24/7 continuous cost optimization.

Shared-savings pricing model.

5-minute onboarding process.

How It Works

The ShareSave AI engine collects Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail logs and continuously monitors and analyzes infrastructure usage data points.
ShareSave automatically reacts in real time by purchasing RIs and/or SPs upon an increase in compute usage and selling RIs and/or SPs upon a decrease in compute usage. nOps continuously purchases and sells commitments on an hourly basis, depending on your infrastructure’s capacity changes.
ShareSave grabs the most lucrative discounts in the Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance Marketplace and utilizes 3-year no-upfront commitments when purchasing SPs.

We wrote the book on Reserved Instances

Download the Free eBook - 5 Essential Steps to Reserved Instance Cost Optimization - to optimize your spend and get industry best practices on:
Rightsizing your existing infrastructure
Automating Reserved Instance management
Selecting the best pricing model
And much more!

It’s easy to get started with ShareSave

Onboarding takes only 5 minutes.


Provide nOps with read-only access to your Amazon EC2 usage patterns.


Based on your Amazon EC2 usage patterns, nOps begins to buy RI and/or SP commitments.


Whether your usage increases or decreases, you pay only for what you use.


ShareSave has a shared-savings pricing model. We share a percentage of our savings with you, which increases if your volume expands or you purchase additional nOps services.