As the only AWS Cloud Management Solution with an automated AWS FTR Lens, we are proud to announce that AWS has recently released a revised ​​FTR Process to help Partner ISVs deploy software solutions that satisfy AWS Well-Architected best practices more quickly. The AWS Foundational Technical Review assists ISVs in identifying and resolving risks in their software products, enabling them to build transformative and high-quality software companies. ISV Partners who complete their FTR and implement remediations to critical violations get a “Reviewed by AWS” Solution badge, access to funding credits, amongst other benefits.

The most recent FTR update incorporates automation to expedite critical parts of the validation process. The new procedure is divided into two parts: The first phase comprises an automatic review of your AWS account setup, while the second half requires self-examination of your operational practices.

A Seamless, Faster, and More Accurate FTR with nOps

At nOps, we’re incredibly passionate about automation which is why we’re thrilled AWS is finally streamlining the FTR process with automated workflows. We’ve built a best-in-class CloudOps platform that provides automated, continuous monitoring of provisioned infrastructure’s alignment with AWS Well-Architected Framework guidelines empowering software providers to operate and manage resilient, secure, compliant, and cost-optimized software solutions.

In fact, as the only AWS Cloud Management Solution with an automated AWS FTR Lens, nOps intelligently applies validated checks on your workloads, therefore accelerating and improving the accuracy of the Review.

Let’s take a quick look at how nOps can save 70% of the time required to complete a WAFR & FTR and help you focus on your business goals throughout the FTR process:

Automated Assessment Of Your Provisioned AWS Resources

nOps offers an excellent workload function that allows you to classify and choose resources to be evaluated during the Review.

nOps assesses the workload added and assists you in auto-answering some of the needed questions on the FTR list.

Remember that as part of the FTR process, you must complete your Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR). As seen in the workload screenshot, nOps additionally has a WAFR workload lens that examines your chosen resources and also auto-answers your AWS Well-Architected assessment questions.

Integrated Self-Assessment tool

Another compelling reason to utilize nOps for your FTR is that we’ve integrated the second half of the new FTR process into our software, saving you the time and hassle of downloading and filling out a separate self-assessment questionnaire, as well as keeping track of your responses.

We’ve not only auto-answered some of these questions, but we’ve also included succinct descriptions for each one, as well as the notes and recommendations features to help you pass the FTR.

A Smooth Single Pane of Glass Reporting Experience

The final stage of the FTR process is submitting your FTR report to AWS via the AWS Partner Central. Again, nOps is committed to providing you with a wholesome experience which is why we provide an export function that allows you to download your complete report with or without extensive recommendations. 

All of these and more make conducting an FTR with nOps a smooth and pleasant experience.

nOps’ ongoing partnership with AWS

We’re proud of our collaboration with AWS in helping Partner ISVs run future-proof cloud-native solutions. We’re also honored that AWS acknowledges our commitment to championing innovation, as shown by their recognition of nOps as a foremost AWS Partner solution in the latest FTR announcement.

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with Cloud Management Tools Competency, we will continue to partner with AWS to provide a more refined and innovative FTR process that will assist you in running risk-free and efficient hosted solutions.

Complete an FTR with nOps today

We invite you to try out nOps. With nOps, you get to:

  • Automated validation of your infrastructure’s compliance with FTR best practices.
  • Align every provisioned resource in AWS with your business goals.
  • Operationalize the Well-Architected Framework in a way that helps you enforce operational accountability across the board.
  • Run optimized solutions that deliver high customer satisfaction rates.

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