Managing costs in the cloud can be a daunting task for many businesses. As cloud infrastructure grows and evolves, optimizing resources and eliminating unnecessary expenses becomes increasingly important. In this blog post, we will explore a real-life scenario where a client found themselves facing skyrocketing AWS spend due to unnoticed Elastic Block Store (EBS) IOPS costs. And how nOps, a powerful cloud management tool, significantly helped them reduce their AWS costs.

The Challenge: Ballooning AWS Costs

Our client ran their applications on an AWS LightSail machine for several years. While it offered them affordability, they faced issues with low speed and poor reachability. As a result, they decided to migrate their resources from LightSail to RDS services to improve performance and reliability. However, after the migration, they were shocked to find that their AWS costs had skyrocketed from $500 to $2900, a staggering increase of 600%.

Identifying the Culprit: Over-Provisioned IOPS

Digging deeper into the client’s infrastructure, we discovered that they had three RDS servers running on AWS, all sized similarly. Each server was configured with an io1-provided EBS volume with 3000 IOPS, attached to it. This configuration was costing the client a whopping $1800 per month for each volume.

The Solution: nOps to the Rescue

To address the cost issue, they turned to nOps, a comprehensive cloud management platform that offers intelligent cost optimization and resource utilization insights. Leveraging nOps’s capabilities, we helped them identify that the client’s volumes were over-provisioned in terms of IOPS, leading to unnecessary expenses.

Taking Action: Reducing IOPS and Cost Savings

Armed with this information, we recommended reducing the IOPS on the development (DEV) and quality assurance (QA) attached volumes. This adjustment proved to be a game-changer for our client. Prior to implementing the nOps recommendations, their daily AWS spend amounted to $76 or more. However, after applying the suggested changes, their new daily AWS bill plummeted to nearly $35, resulting in substantial cost savings of over 50%.

Conclusion: Leveraging nOps for Cost Optimization

This case study highlights the importance of proactive cost optimization in the cloud and how nOps can play a crucial role in achieving it. By identifying and rectifying over-provisioned IOPS, the client was able to regain control over their AWS costs and achieve significant savings. Moreover, this success story showcases the value of adopting a robust cloud management platform like nOps, which empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their cloud resources effectively.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud computing, it is crucial for organizations to leverage powerful tools and platforms like nOps to stay ahead of cost challenges. By taking a proactive approach to cost optimization, businesses can unlock the true potential of the cloud while ensuring optimal resource utilization and maximizing return on investment. Primarily, your team focuses on innovation, while nOps runs optimization on auto-pilot to help you track, analyze and optimize! Our customers can benefit in two key ways:

  • First, pay less for what you use without the financial risk. 
  • Second, use less by automatically pausing idle resources.
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