Every once in a while, Amazon will give its customers credits for its AWS platform. Redeeming these credits will help you lower your cloud bill.  On every bill you receive, some credits apply discounts. If you have any AWS credit, you may be looking for ways to redeem it.

The most important thing to note is that AWS credits expire. So the sooner you redeem them, the better.

AWS credits can save users a significant amount of money on their cloud bills. But how do you get them?

Ways to Get Free AWS Credits

There are several ways you can get free credits from AWS.

1. From the AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace has several product and service offerings, some of which are eligible for AWS credits. These products are usually in the big data, networking, and security categories. AWS gives credits worth $200 when a user subscribes to a qualifying product.

2. Attend AWS Webinars

AWS conducts several webinars to educate its audience about the AWS cloud. Webinars not only offer users the chance to learn something, but they can also get free AWS credits. How does it work? Just give the correct information when you sign up for a webinar. Because you can’t transfer AWS credits, key in your e-mail address — the one you used when you signed up for an AWS account. The next step is to attend the webinar, engage, and learn. Chances are, AWS will give credits to the most active participants. Sometimes credits go to users with the longest dwell time.

3. Attend AWS Events

Amazon cloud participates in several cloud events, some of which are internal events and conferences. AWS can only organize a few big events a year, though. Moreover, some of these events are physical, so they may not be ideal for everyone. However, if you attend the physical AWS conferences, you can get AWS credits.

AWS also sponsors popular tech podcasts. There is a link provided that listeners can use to redeem free AWS credits. AWS sends representatives to attend non-AWS events, too. Sometimes, reps are independent attendees. AWS has booths at virtual conferences, and most virtual conferencing software lets you network with AWS representatives. You can get a link to redeem an AWS credit after the event.

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4. Use AWS for Nonprofits and NGOs

Because of the close regulation of big tech companies, Fortune 500 companies must join the green economy. They must support marginalized communities that need help. The best way to support these communities is to give discounts to nonprofits, NGOs, and veterans. If you’re qualified, you can check out the AWS nonprofit and grant programs.

5. Getting AWS Credits with nOps

nOps, a premier AWS partner, can help you get free $5000 AWS credits. The free credits are to encourage nOps users to not only conduct a WAFR but also follow through on nOps recommendations by performing the appropriate remediations.

To make the claim easy, we’ve simplified the steps you have to take to meet the requirements.

First, you have to go through the Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) process. During this stage, your WAFR Partner must create an ACE opportunity and attach it to a WAF campaign before the review starts. After the HRI report on the conducted WARF has been examined, an SOW should be built based on the outcome. Thereafter, the ACE opportunity should be marked as “launched”.

Once you’ve done this and thereafter decide to proceed with the remediation proposal, it’s time for your Partner to create a second ACE opportunity and attach it to a WAF campaign just like he did during the WAFR stage. Responses to questions in the Well-Architected tool must be made to constantly reflect any improvements performed based on the SOW. Thereafter, the partner should create a milestone and also generate a milestone report.

Once 25% of the HRIs have been fixed and updated in the tool via a milestone, you now qualify for the credits and can now send your name and email address to aws-well-architected-partner@amazon.com. Make sure you also send the ARN of the improved workload’s WAF Review and your Opportunity ID (if applicable) too.

You do need to fill a CSAT survey sent by AWS to get the $5,000 in free AWS credits though.

With nOps, managing your cloud health and getting rewarded for it is an amazing experience. Companies that have used nOps’s automated discovery of high-risk issues to conduct their WAF Reviews have experienced 95% in time savings and up to 3x in productivity gains. This is in addition to their documented cost savings, which can typically range from 18-50%. Using nOps they also get instant visibility to infrastructure changes, real-time notifications of security risks and can easily optimize resources with nOps alerts on underutilized resources and plus resource usage by user.


Terms and Conditions for AWS Credits

AWS credits are valid under the following conditions:

  • Users must redeem them before they expire.
  • They offset an existing bill and are not transferable from one user to the other.
  • You can only use them through the official AWS platform redeeming page. You must have an AWS account.
  • AWS reserves the right to invalidate credits if there is fraudulent activity or a breach of the user’s account. AWS can also invalidate credits if the account breaks any AWS condition.
  • The users cannot use AWS credits to offset any taxes associated with their AWS accounts.


Terms and Conditions for AWS Credits

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