Manage NodePools and NodeClasses centrally via your preferred Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) tools

nOps Compute Copilot now offers enhanced capabilities to fine-tune your Karpenter configurations automatically and continuously for better performance at lower costs. Previously, managing Karpenter NodePools and NodeClasses via nOps required using our user interface. However, many nOps users prefer to manage Karpenter configurations via IAC tools

New GitOps Support For Improved Efficiency

With GitOps support, you can now manage Karpenter configurations either from the nOps dashboard, the CLI, or IaC tools such as Terraform and CloudFormation. Changes to NodePools and NodeClasses made externally are now automatically detected and synced to the nOps backend. This enhancement allows you to maintain all your configurations cohesively and seamlessly through your chosen tools.

This feature is particularly valuable for those overseeing multiple clusters, facilitating bulk changes across various configurations effortlessly. By using IaC solutions, you can scale operations and reduce manual effort, improving operational efficiency.

How it Works

GitOps support is available for nOps Compute Copilot agent versions 0.4.1 and higher. To enable GitOps support, simply add the metadata annotation ‘imported_by:nops’ in a key:value approach to any NodePools or NodeClasses you wish to import to nOps. The agent will recognize this label, automatically and continuously syncing these objects to the backend, including any future updates.

How to Get Started

To start using GitOps support, navigate to the Compute Copilot dashboard and update your agents to the latest version. Then, to import a NodePool or a NodeClass to nOps, just add a ‘imported_by:nops’ (key:value) in each resource that you’d like to import under ‘metadata.annotations’ object.

On the very next agent sync, the resources will be imported in nOps, and you’ll be leveraging the Spot improvements. You can even choose to manage your configurations using our YAML Editor in the app.

For more information on how to use GitOps support, consult the documentation

More about Copilot for EKS

nOps Compute Copilot enhances Karpenter to make it simple for users to maintain stability and optimize resources efficiently. nOps helps engineering teams more easily leverage the power of Karpenter to save with Spot, optimize purchase commitments, and efficiently provision resources for higher performance at lower costs.

A chart explaining the improved capabilities of Karpenter using nOps

Read more about Compute Copilot for Karpenter for more details.

At nOps, our mission is to make it easy for engineers to cost-optimize, so they can focus on building and innovating. nOps was recently ranked #1 in G2’s cloud cost management category.

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