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Monitoring for tag compliance is the most effective way to ensure compliance for your cloud environments. If your organization doesn’t enforce proper tagging policies, eventually, no one will know who originally launched the resources and for what purpose.

With nOps’ flexible tag-violation configuration, you will receive real-time notification if newly launched resources violate the tag policy. Let’s say if someone launches an instance with no Name tag, or if the value is empty or value doesn’t contain certain string, you’ll get real time notification with the context about who launched the resource. This is win-win situation, engineers can still experiment fast and IT can trace back every single resource.

Tag Violation Rule

To enable the rule, simply go to the “Available nOps Rules” tab in nOps Rules and click on the “Tag Violation Check” rule.

Tag Violation Summary

Once enabled, the rule will appear on the “Applied nOps Rules” tab with a summary of all resources that violates the rule.

Tag Violation Detail

Clicking on the rule in the “Applied nOps Rules” tab, you will be able to see, in detail, the number of resources and for which tag configurations do these violations occur.

Tag Configuration

To customize this rule to fit the unique nomenclature of your tags, if you use them, you can configure the tags in the Rule Configuration page.

Tag Violation Alerts

Once enabled, you can configure your nOps account to receive email, Slack, and/or Hipchat alerts, alerting you to newly recreated resources that violates the rule.

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nOps Rules – Unused Resources

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nOps Rules – Root-user MFA

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nOps Rules – Unrestricted SSH

Allowing SSH access to everyone is not a secure practice. Once you configure Unrestricted SSH Monitoring, any time someone opens port 22 to all, you’ll receive real-time notification. Unrestricted SSH Rule To enable the rule, simply go to the “Available nOps Rules” tab in nOps Rules and click on the “Unrestricted SSH” rule. Unrestricted SSH […]
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