Allowing SSH access to everyone is not a secure practice. Once you configure Unrestricted SSH Monitoring, any time someone opens port 22 to all, you’ll receive real-time notification.

Unrestricted SSH Rule

To enable the rule, simply go to the “Available nOps Rules” tab in nOps Rules and click on the “Unrestricted SSH” rule.


Unrestricted SSH Summary

Once enabled, the rule will appear on the “Applied nOps Rules” tab with a count of all resources across all regions that violates the rule.


Unrestricted SSH Detail

Clicking on the rule in the “Applied nOps Rules” tab, you will be able to see, in detail, the resources (with their regions) that are non-compliant.


Unrestricted SSH Alerts

Once enabled, you can configure your nOps account to receive email, Slack, and/or Hipchat alerts, alerting you to when non-compliant resources are present and newly created.