The Amazon Foundational Technical Review (FTR) is a framework that enables AWS Partners to detect and remediate issues in solutions and products. It focuses on quality, reliability, and safety and outlines the best practices to meet the set requirements.

All AWS Partners should conduct FTR Reviews to deliver customer outcomes. After receiving approval, you earn the “Reviewed by AWS” solutions badge. This badge unlocks funding benefits and allows you to participate in various AWS Partner Programs.  

The AWS FTR requires customers and organizations to align their businesses with AWS best practices related to operational excellence, reliability, performance, and security. You can prepare for FTR through the AWS Well-Architected Framework Lens that helps review and improve workloads. 

Here are the benefits of conducting AWS Foundational Technical Reviews:

Mitigate Business Risks

FTRs provide much-needed visibility that helps identify and detect vulnerabilities in your workloads. A Foundational Technical Review allows you to review your workloads against the security best practices. The visibility and proper understanding of your environment will enable you to implement the best practices, thus reducing risks. You can remediate any vulnerability detected to ensure your workloads are free from any risks as well.

Qualify for Partner Programs

Successful completion of the AWS FTR unlocks the availability and benefits of AWS Partner programs. These programs include the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, AWS Service Ready Program, AWS Competency Program, and many more. 

The AWS ISV Accelerate Program provides co-sell support, contributing to better customer relations by accelerating sales cycles. It is available to users who sell software products integrated into or running on AWS. The Amazon Competency Program allows you to showcase technical expertise and proven customer success in areas of specialization and market your business.

The AWS Service Ready Program makes it easier to find AWS Technology Partner products that integrate with specific services. It reduces the amount of time spent finding the right partner products.

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Connect with AWS Partner Architect

With an Amazon Foundational Technical Review, you can engage directly with an AWS Partner Solution Architect (AWS-PSA). The architect helps businesses to improve their AWS architectures.

The AWS-PSA has numerous years of experience actively supporting customers on running workloads. You can leverage the AWS-PSA’s experience for insights on how to run your workloads effectively. This engagement is key to aligning your business processes and workloads in a way that delivers positive customer experiences.

“Reviewed by AWS” Badge

The “Reviewed by AWS” badge helps build credibility and validates your cloud technical expertise. It’s the perfect way to highlight your skills and experience. Once verified, you can showcase your achievements much easier.

An Amazon Foundational Technical Review is essential if your business provides solutions to other AWS customers. Once you complete a review, you receive this badge, which shows your verification. Most AWS customers prefer verified solution providers to assure them that they are receiving efficient, high-quality products.


Conducting Foundational Technical Reviews is crucial for any organization. It helps mitigate reliability, operational, and security risks that could affect your workloads. Also, it opens the way for AWS Partner Programs that come with numerous benefits.

nOps streamlines and accelerates the process of conducting Foundational Technical Reviews. nOps has a workload lens feature that automates AWS FTRs seamlessly. Unlike the previous manual process, which would cost a lot of time and effort, this tool is more advanced. It reduces the time taken to complete the FTR as it discovers issues automatically and maps them to FTR requirements. Also, nOps provides an assessment report that you can submit to AWS. 

Schedule your AWS Foundational Technical Review with nOps today to harness the numerous benefits.