It’s that time of the year again! National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is observed every October. This year’s theme is Do Your Part. Be Cyber Smart. A fitting theme given the recent surge in cybersecurity attacks. Here are some spooky stats to scare you:

  • According to a recent survey, nearly 73% of MSPs reported that at least one client had a security issue.
  • 71% of cloud cybersecurity professionals consider cloud misconfigurations as their #1 concern. Another top concern of theirs is lack of visibility.
  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches can be attributed to human errors — for example,  unauthorized access due to improper IAM access settings.
  • Since COVID-19, the US FBI has reported a 600% increase in recorded cybercrimes. This figure excludes organizations that are too embarrassed to report such incidents.
  • Cybercrime is expected to cause $6 trillion in annual damages by 2021. This includes reputational risk, damaged goodwill, and data loss.
  • 40+ million healthcare records have been compromised in the last year, a security issue that HIPAA standards seek to avoid.

The Shared Responsibility Model

Many public cloud providers, including AWS and Azure, operate a shared responsibility model. The model helps you understand the essential responsibilities of your cloud provider and your duties in keeping your cloud environment secure. 

Your cloud provider is primarily responsible for the Security of the Cloud – making sure critical infrastructural facilities that power resources and services that you use are kept secure and compliant.

As a user, you’re responsible for the Security in the Cloud – making sure you enable adequate controls and services that monitor your provisioned resources for misconfigurations and threats.    

We Help You Do Your Part

At nOps, we understand how vital it is to maintain the security and compliance of your cloud infrastructure. As a result, we’ve built a cutting-edge security solution that continuously monitors your provisioned workloads for security vulnerabilities. We also examine your compliance with key industry standards such as SOC 2, HIPAA, and CIS benchmarks.

In line with this year’s theme, we’ve compiled a list of resources you can use to keep your cloud safe and compliant.

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Be free to work in safety with nOps. Get started today.