AWS and Azure Security and Compliance

Be free to work in safety.

nOps security and compliance provides continuous monitoring and management of cloud security risks and threats, with real-time notifications and detailed audit trails to avoid security breaches and ensure compliance with industry standards like SOC 2 or HIPAA.


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Can you afford NOT to monitor your cloud infrastructure for security and compliance best practices?

We don’t want to sound like your parents, but: is your platform safe and secure? That answer isn’t always a clear yes.

If your team is new to it, storing your business data in a public cloud has its risks. Sure, cloud service providers offer security tools and processes, but they may be quite different from what you're used to.

nOps provides continuous monitoring and management of cloud security risks and threats. We’ll help ensure that your security and compliance standards are met as you move workloads and data to the cloud.

nOps features for security & compliance


Security Best Practices with Predefined Rules

Avoid security breaches and ensure compliance with industry standards.


Track Users and Permissions

Get real-time notifications of billing anomalies, across all regions & services.


Cloud Infrastructure Health Scan

Scan your infrastructure to identify accessible resources, ports, and protocols.


Configuration and Changes

Identify underutilized resources and do smarter RI & Spot Planning.


Security Alerts and Notifications

Operate with confidence with automated monitoring and alerts.

Security best practices with
pre-defined rules

Avoid security breaches and ensure compliance with industry standards like SOC 2 or HIPAA.
Get real-time status with a comprehensive security dashboard.
Customized dashboards and reports with pre-built templates.
Pre-built and customizable security rules provide automated checks and alerts. For example, the Unrestricted SSH Access check alerts you if any active EC2 security groups allow unrestricted incoming SSH traffic – a risk for security breach and SSH rule violation.
Subscribe to Security Alerts on PagerDuty.

Track users and permissions

Simplify tracking of Identity and Access Management (IAM) groups and associated permissions
Check root account usage patterns that can create security risks.
Ensure that all user accounts are Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled. nOps provides you the details for accounts that are not MFA-enabled, making remediation easy.
Track specific activity for a user or group of users, such as AWS Console login, S3 Bucket Deletion, that can compromise security.

Cloud infrastructure health scan

Scan your AWS infrastructure dynamically to identify publicly accessible resources, open ports, and protocols.
Easily avoid one of the most common causes of security breaches and data leaks by establishing processes to check users’ Amazon S3 permissions settings regularly.
nOps analyzes virtual private cloud (VPC) resources running in a public subnet with[portnumber] in security groups. This common mistake opens cloud networks to outside threats.
nOps gives visual cues for public EC2 resources so you can take corrective actions in the event of a security lapse.

Configuration and changes

Get continuous visibility to your AWS environment, with automated alerts about critical changes to resources, configurations, and security groups.
nOps’ change management report and audit trail help you identify and track changes that are essential to many compliance requirements.

Security alerts and notifications

Operate with confidence knowing you have automated monitoring and alerts that notify you of a potential or actual security breach.
Customize nOps’ automated alert mechanism to receive the alerts the way you want – email or Slack.

We wrote the book on security and compliance

Download the Free Guide to AWS Security and Compliance to protect your cloud and get industry best practices on:
The most effective ways to secure and encrypt your cloud.
How to minimize vulnerabilities and detect and mitigate threats.
The best security and compliance tools to stay up to date and secure.
And much more!

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