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Hussle Technology Partners with nOps to Maximize AWS Savings without Over-Committing


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Lehi, Utah


Challenges became increasingly complex of AWS Cost and their Cloud Cost

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Hussle Technology, a world-class technology provider catering specifically to the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry. Their comprehensive platform integrates CRM, live video selling, content sharing, and sales automation tools, empowering distributors to expand and sustain their business endeavors seamlessly. With patented advancements, Hussle Technology leads the way in transforming online engagement into tangible customer relationships.

The Challenge

As the company rapidly expanded, so did its AWS costs and managing their cloud costs became increasingly complex. Hussle was looking for a way to control and optimize their AWS costs but due to their unpredictable usage, it was difficult to take advantage of traditional long-term commitments like Savings Plans (SP) or Reserved Instances (RI). The engineering team needed the cost benefits of RIs without long-term commitments that restricted flexibility.

The company realized optimizing its AWS environment required a solution that provided real-time visibility, automation, and intelligent recommendations to maximize savings.

The Solution: nOps Cloud Optimization Platform

After looking at several options available, Hussle selected nOps for its automated commitment management capabilities. nOps applied advanced analytics to recommend optimal RI coverage based on actual usage. Intelligent algorithms ensured Hussle only purchased RIs that would maximize savings without over-committing.

nOps enabled Hussle to “pool” RIs across accounts and regions. This allowed RI capacity to be allocated dynamically based on real-time workload demands. nOps’ automation adjusted commitments on an ongoing basis to match usage.

This “pool-based” model gave Hussle the advantages of RI discounts without rigid long-term contracts. nOps provided the freedom to evolve workloads without penalty. If usage dropped in one area, RIs were automatically re-assigned to busier workloads.

Business Impact:

With nOps, Hussle reduced On-Demand AWS costs by 48% last quarter. Optimization is ongoing through continuous monitoring and adjustment of RI coverage. Even greater savings are expected over time.

The engineering team gained transparency into resource utilization and spending through nOps Business Contexts. nOps’ intelligent recommendations help Hussle scale cost-effectively.

By decoupling RI savings from inflexible contracts, nOps gave Hussle control over its AWS infrastructure.
nOps enabled Hussle to maximize AWS savings without sacrificing agility. Our innovative pool-based approach to commitment management unlocked substantial cost benefits. Ongoing automation and analytics provide the visibility and control Hussle needs to optimize its cloud infrastructure now and in the future.

nOps gave us the visibility and control we needed to optimize our AWS costs, without long-term commitments. Their automated platform reduced our On-Demand spend 48% while providing tremendous flexibility. I highly recommend nOps for cloud optimization and reigning in control of cloud costs.
- Khanh Tran, VP, Software Engineering

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