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Camlin Group


Optimising critical infrastructures, Software


Northern Ireland, UK


In managing its cloud infrastructure as infrastructure grew over time.

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Camlin Group is a diversified engineering company based in Northern Ireland, with operations in power generation, environmental services, and construction. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Camlin Group is a leading provider of construction, engineering, and maintenance services in the United Kingdom. They have a reputation for quality, innovation, and reliability across their diverse range of operations.

Customer Challenges / The Opportunity

Camlin Group faced challenges in managing its cloud infrastructure as infrastructure grew over time. They wanted to build the best practices and make their environment well-architected. They lacked visibility and control over their cloud environment. They were looking to find better ways to costs optimization.

The Solution: nOps ShareSave and nOps nSwitch

Camlin Group found the perfect ally in nOps ShareSave, which offered real-time automated cost optimization for their AWS environment. By providing detailed insights into their cloud resources, nOps empowered Camlin Group with customizable alerts for security and compliance issues. This invaluable feature enabled Camlin Group to maintain robust governance and compliance reporting, instilling confidence in their cloud operations.

Additionally, nOps nSwitch played a pivotal role in continuously analyzing Camlin Group’s cloud resource usage. Leveraging utilization and workload data, nOps nSwitch provided targeted recommendations to optimize resource allocation, helping Camlin Group achieve maximum savings.

nOps rules help identify idle resources, optimize the allocation of resources, and right-size infrastructure to reduce costs.

Why we won?

To win Camlin Group as a customer, nOps conducted an in-depth analysis of their cloud environment and thoroughly understood their challenges. Armed with this knowledge, nOps presented Camlin Group with a detailed proposal showcasing how the platform’s capabilities could address their specific needs.

The presence of a certified FinOps team provided technical support and guidance, fostering trust and confidence in the solution. Ultimately, the combination of a cost-effective proposal tailored to Camlin Group’s requirements and exceptional customer service led to nOps securing Camlin Group as a valuable client.

"We were facing significant challenges in managing our cloud infrastructure, but nOps came to our rescue. Their ShareSave platform revolutionized our cost optimization efforts, and nOps nSwitch helped us stay on top of our cloud resource usage. With their support and expertise, we achieved remarkable cost savings and ensured our infrastructure was well-architected. nOps truly exceeded our expectations."
Mohit Gangan, Sr Cloud Architect at Camlin Group


The success story of Camlin Group and nOps highlights the power of an effective cloud management platform. By leveraging nOps ShareSave and nOps nSwitch, Camlin Group successfully tackled its cloud infrastructure challenges, leading to substantial cost savings and improved overall business performance.

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