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Vermeg Partners with nOps to Reduce On-Demand Costs by More Than 39%


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Amsterdam, Netherlands


Expanded cost and complexity of AWS infrastructure

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VERMEG is a leading provider of software solutions to the worldwide financial services industry, specializing in asset and liability management, regulatory reporting, and digital transformation. VERMEG has offices in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Tunisia and the United States.

The Challenge

With a global presence and diverse customer base, VERMEG requires a robust and scalable infrastructure to reliably deliver their mission-critical applications. As the company rapidly expanded, so did the cost and complexity of its AWS infrastructure.

VERMEG was looking to gain comprehensive visibility into their cloud spending and control costs. However, their dynamic usage meant that traditional cost-reduction strategies such as long-term Savings Plan (SP) or Reserved Instance (RI) didn’t offer enough flexibility to accommodate evolving needs. Continually managing and optimizing pricing plans to cover dynamic usage required engineering time and resources that could be used to build and innovate for VERMEG’s customers.

The Solution: nOps Commitment Manager

VERMEG chose nOps for its automated Commitment Management capabilities. Using AI and advanced analytics, nOps automatically monitored VERMEG’s usage across all of its AWS accounts, regions, workload type, and other relevant dimensions. Intelligent algorithms to dynamically adjust commitments and a buyback guarantee ensured VERMEG paid only for RIs that would yield savings, matched to actual usage.

nOps’s real-time, automatic lifecycle management of VERMEG’s commitments allowed them to benefit from the flexibility of On-Demand, while still getting discounts on all of their compute.

After initial setup, no engineering intervention was required on Vermeg’s part — empowering teams to scale complex workloads with confidence. nOps cost-optimized behind the scenes, with no alterations to VERMEG’s infrastructure or configurations, and read-only permissions to meet the company’s high security and compliance standards.

Business Impact

With nOps, VERMEG reduced On-Demand AWS costs by more than 39% over the last ten months.

VERMEG’s engineering team also gained transparency into resource utilization and spending. nOps’s real-time cloud monitoring solution granted VERMEG complete visibility into their cloud infrastructure, spending, and cost optimization initiatives.

nOps has been invaluable in helping manage the intricacies of optimizing AWS environments and costs in today’s dynamic environment. The nOps Commitment Manager program provides us with the agility to progress and innovate, without the typical constraints associated with long-term commitments. The platform also gives us a clear and transparent picture of our costs, so we can plan and rightsize our resources accordingly.
Khaled BEN JANNET, Datacenter & Cloud Team Leader

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