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Not optimizing the cost & Not managing risk-free commitments

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Savings on EC2, RDS, and ECS costs


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SignalFire is the first venture capital firm built like a technology company to better solve for the needs of founders. The core of its value-add is Beacon, the AI engine SignalFire has been refining since the firm’s launch in 2013. Beacon tracks more than 495 million employees and 80 million companies to guide the fund’s investing and assist portfolio companies with scaling their teams and revenue. SignalFire also helps early-stage founders navigate the toughest parts of building a company at every stage, with expert advisors, 200 skill-building workshops a year, and an in-house team of recruiters, data scientists, PR experts and go-to-market leaders. With over $1.8 billion in assets under management, SignalFire focuses on investing from seed to scale. The firm’s key sectors include AI/ML, developer tools, B2B Saas, healthcare, cybersecurity, and consumer.

Customer Challenges / The Opportunity

1 Cost Savings: SignalFire sought to optimize their costs associated with their Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.
2 Risk-Free Commitment: They needed a solution to effectively manage their risk-free commitments and ensure maximum savings.

The Solution 

SignalFire chose to implement nOps, a comprehensive cloud management and cost optimization platform.

nOps offered the following key features to address their challenges:

Why we won?

SignalFire selected nOps as their preferred cloud management solution due to the following factors:

We are extremely pleased with the cost optimization and risk-free commitment management capabilities provided by nOps. The platform has enabled us to achieve significant cost savings and streamline our AWS infrastructure management effortlessly.
- SignalFire

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