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Cargo Chief Partners with nOps for Automated Cloud Cost Management


Carrier Procurement Platform


San Francisco, California


Optimizing their cloud resources without the overhead of constant manual adjustments and the risk of over-provisioning

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Cargo Chief, a leading logistics and transportation management company, redefining the freight brokerage landscape. Their C4 procurement and automation platform simplifies the carrier sourcing and booking workflow and provides customers with the most current and accurate data in the industry.

Cargo Chief partnered with nOps to reduce their cloud costs by automating cloud cost optimization without sacrificing performance. Cargo Chief has realized substantial savings and operational improvements. All without adding any extra work for the team at Cargo Chief.


As Cargo Chief expanded its technological footprint, managing AWS costs efficiently became increasingly crucial. The company faced the challenge of optimizing their cloud resources without the overhead of constant manual adjustments and the risk of over-provisioning.


Cargo Chief implemented nOps Essentials, including the Scheduler and Rightsizing tools, to streamline and automate their cloud resource management. The company also worked with nOps to manage their AWS Commitments, so they could benefit from the discounts that come with AWS Savings Plans without worrying about the risks associated with the long-term commitments.

  • nOps Scheduler: By allowing the Cargo Chief team to put their cloud resources on an automated schedule, they saw significant savings right away. The team also liked that they could turn on resources via Slack if they needed it during off-hours.
  • nOps Rightsizing: nOps rightsizing recommendations made it simple for Cargo Chief to see all the underutilized EC2 resources in a single pane of glass
  • nOps Commitment Management: Cargo Chief was able to take advantage of discounts of AWS RIs and Savings Plans without worrying about any long-term commitments to their organization.


Cargo Chief achieved impressive cost reductions within a short period: Over the past 6 months, they’ve been able to reduce their AWS compute spend by 38%. This has given the team at Cargo Chief the freedom to increase margins or invest in new projects. 

Cargo Chief has not only reduced costs but also gained transparency and control over their AWS costs. This has allowed them to allocate resources more effectively and focus on core business operations without the hassle of managing cloud costs.

  • Automation: The nOps solution made it simple for Cargo Chief to onboard and get started. Once they were configured, everything worked seamlessly so they could focus on building and growing.
  • Visibility and Control: Enhanced reporting features have provided Cargo Chief with detailed insights into their spending patterns, making it easy to understand and manage their costs. 
Once we configured it, it just ran in the background seamlessly. We never had to worry about which was huge for our team. It’s like having an expert team managing our cloud, but without the overhead. The right-sizing recommendations and automated management tools have been particularly impactful.
Kirk Franzen, CTO of Cargo Chief.

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