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nOps helps Yewno reduce AWS cloud costs by 18%, improve change management.

AI disruptor grabs control of AWS change management and cost optimization.

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Redwood City, CA


Optimize AWS costs, track infrastructure changes and configuration history

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nOps cloud management for AWS


Yewno, a disruptor in the global information industry, provides augmented intelligence to finance, education, publishing, government, and life sciences organizations. Their platform extracts knowledge from a massive quantity of unstructured and structured data by using state-of-the-art computational linguistics, network theory, machine learning, and methods from classical artificial intelligence. Yewno’s core AI technology converts unstructured data into structured analytics, actions, and new insights.

AI and machine learning workloads have intensive I/O. They require high throughput and low latency file access. A modern AWS infrastructure provides Yewno with quick access to compute resources. Yewno can store massive amounts of data at affordable prices and readily spin processing clusters up and down. To learn more

Customer Challenges / The Opportunity

Yewno wanted to control and track details of the changes in their AWS infrastructure. They needed instant visibility of changes to AWS resources, including resource creation, modification, and termination. And, they wanted to track change request elements automatically, to reduce time spent on auditing and free up time for improving processes. Plus, they wanted a real-time view of configuration history for operational troubleshooting, audit, and compliance with corporate and security standards.

And, as a startup, Yewno is always looking for ways to save money, so they also sought to optimize their AWS costs.

Initially, our main focus in using nOps was change management, which was quite valuable. We got additional value from nOps’ reporting on unused and underutilized resources that is helping us save money every month.
Bruno Barbosa, Head of Infrastructure/DevOps, Yewno


nOps’ integrated change management helped Yewno to control and track details of the changes in their AWS infrastructure. Getting the required infrastructure delta along with the dimension of cost and change maker was very useful for Yewno. With nOps, Yewno can integrate their change management process with their DevOps tool stack for better collaboration, visibility, and faster resolution. They can instantly view and track all changes to their AWS environment and see the impact of changes to all resources. nOps’ Change Report feature provides insights on changes by user, cost, and status of resource so that Yewno knows who is using what — and at what cost. For cost optimization, the Cost Dashboard feature of nOps enables Yewno to track costs across AWS accounts, projects, resources, regions, and employees. They can track and optimize underutilized resources, eliminating unused, zombie instances that add cost but no value. nOps workflow and approval processes also support cost control by enabling standardization, repeatability, and predictability.

And nOps does it continuously.

We particularly like nOps’ billing anomaly, change management, change reports, and cost dashboard features, which enable Yewno to track costs and changes on a continuous basis to ensure our AWS infrastructure remains well-architected.
- Bruno Barbosa, Head of Infrastructure/DevOps, Yewno

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