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Stratpoint Technologies


Software company


Mandaluyong City, Philippines; Alabang, Muntinlupa City


Efficiently managing a large list of clients and gaining complete visibility into their AWS infrastructure

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Stratpoint is a leading software company that has been at the forefront of accelerating digital transformation for businesses globally for over 20 years. Its goal is to enable businesses to innovate at speed and ensure their success at every stage of their journey. Headquartered in Mandaluyong City, Philippines, they specialize in agile software development, managed QA, cloud, data, and AI. Their elite team of technology leaders rapidly adapts to the ever-changing demands of businesses, delivering enterprise-grade solutions to their clients.

Customer Challenges / The Opportunity

Stratpoint, as an MSP (Managed Service Provider) partner, has faced challenges in efficiently managing a large list of clients and gaining complete visibility into their AWS infrastructure. While they have been successful in managing client commitments, the process lacks automation and requires significant effort to ensure optimal utilization. Moreover, conducting Well-Architected reviews using native AWS tools consumes substantial time and effort for the team.

To address these challenges and enhance their operations, Stratpoint sought effective solutions to streamline management processes, automate tasks, and improve resource utilization for their clients.

 "nOps has been instrumental in transforming our cloud management. With their platform, we gained complete visibility into our AWS infrastructure and achieved remarkable cost savings. The support and expertise provided by nOps' FinOps team
- Altair Penaredondo, Solution Architect (Stratpoint Technologies Inc.)

The Solution: nOps ShareSave and nOps nSwitch

nOps provided a revolutionary solution to how Stratpoint manages its entire client portfolio, offering a single pane of visibility for seamless control. By utilizing nOps ShareSave Risk-Free Commitment, Stratpoint addressed the challenge of commitment management and unlocked instant cost savings on auto-pilot. Additionally, nOps nSwitch contributed to efficient cost optimization by automatically pausing idle resources when they are not in use.

Leveraging nOps Business context, Stratpoint gained deeper insights into AWS cost allocation, effectively handled tag misconfigurations, and efficiently distributed shared costs among multiple teams and business units. Thanks to nOps, Stratpoint enjoyed enhanced control, cost savings, and streamlined operations across its AWS infrastructure.

Why we won?

To secure Stratpoint as a valued customer, nOps embarked on a comprehensive analysis of their cloud environment, diligently identifying key challenges they faced. Armed with this knowledge, nOps crafted a detailed proposal showcasing how the nOps platform, along with ShareSave, could effectively address and overcome these hurdles.

nOps’ certified FinOps team played a pivotal role, offering technical expertise, support, and guidance that fostered a strong sense of trust and confidence in the solution. A cost-effective and tailor-made solution was tailored precisely to Stratpoint’s specific requirements.

Exceptional customer service and unwavering support further bolstered nOps’ success in winning them over. Through nOps ShareSave, Stratpoint now has the means to optimize their cloud infrastructure, resulting in significant cost reductions and a boost to their overall business performance.

The partnership between nOps and Stratpoint aims to drive their cloud operations towards greater efficiency and success.

"nOps has revolutionized how we manage our clients' commitments and optimize costs in our AWS environment. Their tailored solutions and seamless automation have significantly enhanced our operations. We are impressed with the level of customer service and support from nOps and are committed to utilizing their platform for continued success."
Kevin John Ventura, Cloud Engineering Manager


By partnering with nOps, Stratpoint has overcome key challenges in cloud management and unlocked new levels of cost optimization. Through the use of nOps’ functions, Stratpoint achieved significant cost savings, enhanced control, and streamlined operations across its AWS infrastructure. The continued usage of nOps’ platform demonstrates the success of this partnership in driving greater efficiency and success for Stratpoint’s cloud operations.

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