Running a multi-cloud MSP (Managed Service Provider) doesn’t have to be a headache anymore. With nOps, you can easily run a multi-cloud business and achieve enterprise growth seamlessly, thanks to the numerous capabilities it offers.
nOps is a SaaS platform that enables cloud users to build and deploy workloads against the Well-Architected best practices. With nOps, your multi-cloud MSP has a variety of tools at its disposal. These features can help outdo the competition and increase profits.

nOps helps multi-cloud MSPs expand their current business, identify issues faster, and have convincing conversations with their prospects. nOps is aligned directly with the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework to enable companies to build secure, reliable, compliant, and scalable workloads.

nOps Multi-Cloud Capabilities

nOps enable you to run both AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure environments seamlessly. It provides the best platform for a multi-cloud approach, thanks to its highly-developed features.

Cost Optimization

Cloud costs can skyrocket quickly, leaving you with huge bills to pay, which is a problem for most organizations that lack clear visibility into their cost environment.

nOps is the ultimate platform to help you optimize costs across AWS and Azure platforms. nOps allows Azure users to discover, eliminate and avoid unnecessary costs.

nOps also identifies underutilized resources and zombie instances that increase cloud bills. It then displays the resources to terminate, saving you money in the process.

On top of that, nOps has a highly intuitive cost dashboard where you can track all costs. This dashboard prioritizes the resources to rightsize so you can reduce costs. You can rightsize cloud Azure computing and storage services such as MySQL (Structured Query Language), PostgreSQL Database, and File & Blob Storage to reduce the cost of workloads by more than 10%.

nOps has similar cost optimization capabilities for AWS. It helps to rightsize EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), S3 (Simple Storage Service), and RDS (Relational Database Service) storage, cutting costs by 10% or more. You can also rely on nOps to track your Reserved and Spot Instances, alongside Reserved Instances recommendations.

Security Monitoring

Providing secure multi-cloud services and enhancing your client’s security posture is one of the top goals for each multi-cloud MSP. Every cloud-based company aims for stellar security services, especially at this time when security is a major factor.

nOps helps multi-cloud MSPs achieve their goals in various ways. It has predefined and customizable security rules for performing automated checks on your cloud environment. These rules check for any tag violations, S3 security issues, unrestricted SSH, and more on AWS. It also checks any Azure Storage Vulnerabilities that may hurt your business.

Also, nOps enables multi-cloud MSPs to ensure their clients follow identity and access management (IAM) best practices. It allows you to view any weak points in your IAM policies, such as inactive access keys, users without multi-factor authentication, and more. When building resources in Azure or AWS, nOps provides you with continuous visibility into any Azure and AWS policies violations, respectively.

Encryption for data at rest and in transit is another top security feature available for both AWS and Azure users. nOps helps check if users have encrypted user data such that it cannot be compromised.

All of the above security capabilities, including others, can help you elevate your multi-cloud MSP to the next level security-wise.


Clients who outsource their IT to a cloud MSP look for reliability at all times, including business continuity, maximum availability, and minimal disruptions. Without the right tools, achieving the desired level of reliability can be a difficult task.

nOps has various features to help you build reliable workloads on both AWS and Azure platforms. The nOps change management dashboard helps you track any changes in your cloud environment that affect your compliance.

To ensure maximum uptime, nOps checks if AWS DynamoDB tables have auto scaling enabled. Users can also monitor storage accounts and disks to check the status of encrypted data.

nOps helps check if users have enabled their cloud provider’s backup services to ensure the loss of crucial data won’t hamper your business. Through nOps, you can enable automated backups and geo-replication of Azure and AWS database instances.

Performance Efficiency

To gain a competitive edge over other cloud MSPs, you must operate at maximum efficiency. Your computing resources have to operate as best as possible; otherwise, you may lose clients quickly.

nOps provides monitoring across all AWS and Azure accounts and provides real-time alerts for any issues detected. It provides alerts in case resource limits are reached across AWS and Azure products. nOps also provides alerts for underutilized resources so you can remediate them quickly. On top of that, nOps also gives performance predictions with insights into provisioned capacity.

Become a Next-Gen MSP with nOps

Choosing nOps can take your multi-cloud MSP to the next level. nOps has desirable security, cost optimization, performance, and reliability capabilities that your MSP is in dire need of. Whether you are deploying workloads on Azure, AWS, or both, nOps can improve your service delivery seamlessly.

Get started with nOps today to transform your MSP business!