Have you tried using AWS tools to cut cloud costs? The AWS Marketplace has thousands of tools claiming to help you cut cloud costs. But some cost-cutting operations could easily downgrade performance.

nOps is a handy SaaS cloud cost optimization tool that monitors, analyzes, and modifies workloads without minimizing performance.

While most tools have basic cost-cutting features, nOps presents each feature in a user-friendly interface. In addition, nOps adds value by saving you both time and money. It is a friendly tool for both beginner cloud users and expert cloud engineers.

AWS Cloud Cost Optimization: Starting with nOps

nOps has a variety of cloud cost optimization capabilities. Here are six cloud cost optimization features we have developed.

1. Rightsizing Instances

EC2 instances help businesses access the AWS servers. All cloud users have to pay for EC2 instances. The fact is these virtual machines are more scalable and effective than physical servers. The decentralization process removes the need for maintenance and adds more RAM and CPUs manually.

This nOps AWS Cloud Optimization feature lets you save even bigger. When starting with the cloud, it is common to see most businesses focus on performance. As a result, users can consume more resources than they had originally planned. Our rightsizing feature helps you allocate the correct size of EC2 resources according to your needs.

2. Instant Detection of Anomalies

AWS users may encounter anomalous patterns in their accounts. You may be paying two times higher in a month where you did not do anything productive. There are several reasons for this. Either there is a breach on your infrastructure, or you have redundant and idle instances. Either way, nOps uses machine-learning technology to understand baseline activities on your AWS cloud infrastructure.

Real-time alerts, one of our valuable anomaly notification features, lets you respond to security risks before they get out of control. nOps integrates with your best communication channel, whether slack or e-mail, to send notifications.

3. Planning Resources with CPU Metrics

Before launching your cloud operations plan, you have to dive deep into the AWS portal and analyze lots of data. Unfortunately, this is a lengthy process that leaves a large margin for error. But the nOps dashboard pulls AWS cloud CPU utilization metrics to help you minimize costs. If you use Reserved and Spot Instance pricing options, nOps will help you identify and eliminate underutilized and idle resources.

AWS items, such as unattached EBS volumes, can make costs skyrocket quickly. Again, nOps sends instant notifications whenever it senses a cost-increasing signal on your AWS cloud.

4. Deeper Visibility into Cloud Assets

Often, cloud engineers have to dive deep into Cost and Usage Reports to examine expenditures for every week and month. nOps simplifies this process by giving you instant visibility into cloud assets. You can see what you have and all the changes you have made to your infrastructure.

If you want to see your entire cloud inventory, you can do that with nOps in few simple steps. NOps eliminates nonessential metrics and shows you the metrics that matter. In addition, nOps uses data from AWS CloudTrail and presents all data in easy-to-digest charts.

5. Tagging Resources

Tagging is important to help you track resources. Tagging resources can also help you gain visibility and know the costs associated with each resource. AWS lets you apply tag policies for each resource.

Users can filter spending by projects, each business unit, and user account. nOps has a Tag Explorer feature to help you assess spending on the cloud. This makes the accountability and chargeback processes easier.

6. nOps ShareSave Feature

The nOps ShareSave tool lets you save on Reserved Instance costs. With ShareSave, AWS cloud users can adjust commitments as needed. This overcomes cost-increasing mistakes that you may have made in the past. Automation gives users an extra edge as there is no need to constantly monitor how you use the cloud. ShareSave uses CloudWatch and CloudTrail logs to automatically buy more resources when activity increases and automatically sell them when activity decreases.

Learn more about how nOps ShareSave can help your business.

Why Choose nOps for Your AWS Cloud Cost Optimization?

nOps is a premier AWS partner and was one of the early adopters of the cloud. We have developed a tool that comes with all these benefits:

We will help you be compliant with the Well-Architected process as well. We have got a free cloud health assessment tool. This tool provides you with a score that indicates your strengths and weaknesses based on the Well-Architected process. In addition, each assessment comes with a list of action items you can do to decrease costs.

nOps has a variety of features that simplify tagging of resources, presentation of cost metrics, and much more.