Tracking your migration progress can be challenging as there are several moving pieces. To maximize your MAP funding, you have to stay on schedule and also make sure all of your resources are tagged properly. Every day that you have resources that are not tagged properly, you lose money, leading to thousands of dollars wasted and days spent on fixing missing tags.

In this blog post, we show you how nOps can help you tag your resources and also track the migration progress. Let’s get started.

Showing Untagged and Mistagged AWS Resources 

To use the MAP funding, you have to tag your resources the right way. Any resource that is not tagged properly is daily money lost! AWS requires different types of tags depending on the workload you are migrating. Most customers think as long as they tag the resources with map_migrated and server_id, they are good to go. But that’s far from true! Different keys and values are required depending on the type of workload you are migrating. Here is a handy mapping tracker that shows some of the mapping that’s required.

AWS Mapping Tracker Tool

It’s also common to see customers input typos in the values of the MAP tag key. If the Server ID for the key does not match with the right ID, you end up not using the credits. nOps helps you to visualize all of the resources that aren’t tagged properly. We ingest billing near real time. 

Visualize AWS Resources & Auto Tagging

Automatically Tagging Resources with System Manager 

Once you find resources that are not tagged, it’s important to tag them right away. As I mentioned earlier, every day that passes by with no tags or incorrect tags, you are losing money.  

nOps leverages the system manager to automatically tag these resources. You can simply select the resources you want to tag and nOps will tag these resources with appropriate tags. 

Add AWS Migration Tags

Tracking Your AWS Migration Progress

Track AWS Migration Progress

If you are familiar with MAP funding, credits are issued based on migrating growth and hitting milestones. In the example above, customers earned the credits in Q1 and Q2, and AWS disbursed the credits in Q3.

nOps provides a live dashboard that shows MAP incentives earned vs disbursed. Giving you up-to-date information on how the migration is trending. 

We hope this blog post was helpful in helping you understand how you can use nOps to automatically tag resources.  With automating tagging, we can help you maximize your migration funding. You can also easily visualize your migration progress.

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