We’re excited to unveil new Warm Pool support for Copilot for ASGs. Now, Auto Scaling Groups with Warm Pools enabled are compatible with Compute Copilot, so you can benefit from Spot savings across the full range of your ASGs without having to worry about compatibility or management overhead.

What are ASG Warm Pools?

With Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Warm Pools, users can improve the elasticity of their applications by creating a pool of pre-initialized EC2 instances that are ready to quickly serve application traffic.

New Warm Pool Support makes it easy to optimize and save with Spot across all of your ASGs

If you’re currently using Spot to save on your ASG costs, you’re familiar with the complexity involved in choosing the best Spot instances for your workloads and ensuring commitments are fully utilized.

Compute Copilot makes it easy and reliable to save. It automatically and continuously tunes your ASG configurations to ensure you’re (1) on the optimal balance of Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, and Spot, and (2) always on the most cost-effective and reliable option available, gracefully moving your workloads onto optimal instances to drastically reduce your rates of termination.

And because Copilot is built on your existing AWS-native ASGs, it’s ultra-easy to onboard. Simply plug it in to effortlessly run mission-critical workloads with peace of mind that you’re always getting the best performance and stability at the lowest costs.

How it Works

The below diagram provides additional information on how Copilot optimizes your ASGs. For more information, you can also consult the documentation.
An infographic explaining how AWS and nOps Copilot for ASG works

More about Copilot for ASG

Compute Copilot is an intelligent workload provisioner that continuously manages, scales, and optimizes all of your AWS compute to maximize reliability and savings. It uses proprietary ML modeling based on $1.5+ billion of AWS spend to optimize your compute costs across Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, and Spot.

You can use Copilot to cost-optimize your workloads across EC2 Auto Scaling Groups (ASG), ASG for Batch, or ASG for ECS.

A chart explaining the capabilities of Copilot for ASG

Read more about Compute Copilot for ASG for more details.

At nOps, our mission is to make it easy for engineers to cost-optimize, so they can focus on building and innovating. nOps was recently ranked #1 in G2’s cloud cost management category.

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