Executing an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) can be tedious and time-consuming for AWS Consulting Partners. As a Partner, you can rethink the time, staffing, and insights by using nOps to perform a WAFR in the consultation phase. 

nOps saves clients and Partners painstaking hours of sifting through data to accomplish this task. In this video, I’ll show you how easy it is to set up nOps for a Well-Architected Framework Review with your customer. 

  • On average, Partners realize 95% in time savings for WAFRs by using nOps’s automated discovery of high-risk issues, with productivity gains up to 3x. 
  • And nOps improves the accuracy of WAFRs enabling you to deliver fact-based assessments to your clients by providing your Solutions Architects (SAs) with drill-down visibility into the target infrastructure. 
  • As a result, you can improve your remediation project win rate by providing customer proposals that align directly with real gaps in their infrastructure. Some Partners indicate typical win rates of 80%, with others reporting win rates as high as 100%.
  • But, the real value is the fact-based dialogue with your customers enabled by nOps about trade-offs in optimizing their AWS infrastructure continuously.  

We’ve added new features to make Well-Architected Framework Reviews with nOps even faster and more accurate.  

Use the Custom Recommendation feature in nOps to tailor remediation proposals for each of your clients. Then, you can attach the recommendations to a workload with a click. 

nOps has simplified the process for AWS workloads. You can get started on a priority workload by answering the standard questions about the AWS environment through selections of Regions, VPCs, Tags, and AWS Managed Services. Clicking Submit pulls the answers to all the WAFR questions and provides auto-discovery of high-risk issues. nOps searches through the AWS account to detect violations and high-risk issues based on guidance from the five AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars. nOps places your recommendations appropriately in the WAFR Report based on the particular WAFR question where nOps has detected a violation in your client’s priority workload.

When it’s time to review the WAFR Report with your client, you can quickly invite the client to view the Report with you with the click of a button. 

nOps strives to be the Partner’s partner. We’re here to help you to perform WAFRs quickly and accurately, and provide added value to your clients.

Next steps:

Watch this video (6 mins) to see how easy it is to onboard nOps for an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review with your customers.

Read nOps Partner case studies about their success using nOps for AWS assessments: iOLAP & Dickey’s BBQ, iOLAP, Prime TSR, and Valcann.   

Contact us directly if you’d like support with your next AWS Well-Architected Review at sales@nops.io.