Understanding your AWS (Amazon Web Services) billing is key to optimizing your business costs. nOps helps organizations to set up billing to keep track of their usage. Adopt nOps today to gain visibility into your Instances, S3 (Simple Storage Service) storage, EBS (Elastic Block Store) volumes, and any other AWS resources you have adopted in your organization.

Benefits of nOps AWS Billing

nOps tracks your AWS usage and provides the estimated costs for your account. Through the nOps billing dashboard, you can access a broad set of usage and cost data reports. You can break the data down by hourly, daily, and monthly costs. You can also filter data by resource or tags. nOps has numerous billing capabilities to help users stay ahead of their cloud costs.

Consolidated Billing

nOps provides a consolidated billing so you can easily track usage costs for all accounts in your organization. Consolidated billing offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • A Single Bill. With consolidated billing, the management account receives the usage costs for all other organizational accounts.
  • No Additional Fee. nOps provides consolidated billing without any additional costs to the user.
  • Seamless Tracking. nOps consolidated billing allows you to track cloud charges across multiple accounts in a single, intuitive dashboard.
  • Volume Discounts. Consolidated billing allows you to view the combined AWS usage costs that each member account incurs. The view will enable you to share volume pricing discounts, reducing the overall charges.

Consolidated Billing for AWS Partners

nOps allows AWS Consulting Partners to manage billing and invoicing for their customer clients. This feature comes in handy, especially when customers grow their footprint and billing becomes overly complicated. AWS partners that use nOps can rely on the Consolidated Billing for Partners feature to ease billing burdens.

Chargeback Budgets to Eliminate Billing Issues in Real-Time

nOps has a powerful chargeback feature that allows users to manage AWS costs and track their budgets. This feature will enable organizations to analyze budgets and charge them back to the appropriate business units. This feature also allows you to track cloud spending against allocated budgets. When your company exceeds your budget, nOps sends alerts in real-time.

Set AWS Billing Alerts

nOps allows you to set billing alerts so you can know when you exceed specific amounts. You can set billing alerts for the following:

  • Billing preferences
  • Cost budget alerts
  • Usage budget alerts
  • Reservation budget alerts
  • Savings plans budget alerts

nOps eliminates any surprises by providing real-time alerts of AWS billing anomalies that may lead to a surge in cloud costs. Billing alerts allow you to stay in control of your cloud usage costs at all times.

Forecast Monthly Spending

nOps utilizes data from previous months’ spending to forecast a spending pattern for the coming months, depending on the resources at work. Through the billing and cost control dashboard, you can visualize where your money goes. Through the dashboards, you can forecast spending in the following categories:

With a forecast of your monthly spending, you can easily plan resources optimally to avoid unwanted surprises.

Take Action with nOps AWS Billing Reports

With nOps billing reports, you can undertake various measures to optimize your cloud costs. The billing process gives the user a 360-degree view of their cloud usage costs.

You can use the cloud bill feature for the following:

Optimize/Rightsize Resources

nOps allows you to discover and optimize underutilized resources so you plan thoughtfully. Our usage reports give the best root cause analysis, showcasing things like underutilized Instances, unattached EBS volumes, huge networking costs, and more.  In addition, it enables you to identify accounts that aren’t cost-efficient, and infrastructure changes that affect costs.

You can also utilize the nOps ShareSave to automate the purchase and sale of Reserved Instances and optimize costs.


You can use nOps billing reports to chargeback different departments their IT costs. nOps allows users to organize their costs in meaningful groups, making it easy to chargeback all costs incurred by the various departments. In addition, nOps allows you to value all of the services you use in each department, which helps you gauge the overall IT value to your company. This powerful feature makes nOps an ideal cloud management platform for multi-departmental organizations.

Why Use nOps for Your AWS Billing?

Basic AWS-native tools provide only basic functionality, which may not be sufficient for your organization. nOps helps users gain visibility into their cloud costs. nOps is an easy-to-use tool with an intuitive dashboard that helps monitor all bills effectively.

AWS Billing is complex. Most users find it challenging to understand the various cost and usage reports that AWS provides. nOps provides straightforward, easy-to-understand billing and invoicing.

Besides billing, nOps allows users to manage cloud resources effectively. You can rely on nOps to track your instances, data transfer costs, and Availability Zones to help you optimize costs. It also helps monitor various resources for security and compliance. nOps is a comprehensive platform to manage cloud resources.

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