Reduce Your Dev/QA Cost: One-Click EC2, EKS, RDS Stop/Start Scheduling

Do you struggle to identify cost-reduction opportunities? Are you spending engineering cycles on finding cost-reduction opportunities?

nOps scheduler is here to do it for you.

Our AI is constantly learning your usage pattern. We find idle resources and turn them off automatically to save you money on your AWS bill.


Are you struggling to get engineers to take action on reducing cloud spend?

Are there idle resources in your environment but you don’t have the time or staffing resources to put them on autopilot?

Now You Can!

Automatically identify resource scheduling opportunities without sinking valuable time and resources into the investigation.

Build a culture of resource scheduling in your environment and express the exact savings to stakeholders!

Start scheduling resources with one-click integration!

Automatically adjust your RIs to maximize cost savings.

Trusted by innovative brands, from startups to enterprise.

Use Cases

We deliver on the true promise of the cloud. We find all idle resources and shut them down automatically to save you money on your AWS bill.
Easily create dynamic allocation rules by region, tags, operation, accounts, and usage types.
As you schedule Stop/Start resources with nSwitch, we automatically adjust your reserved instances capacity to maximize cost savings.

Reduce The Cost Of Expensive Data Engineering/
Analytics Resources

nOps offers recommendations based on their impact and confidence so that you can spot the biggest savings opportunity instantly.

How it Works

Act on recommendations with one click.

Using our certified integration with AWS EventBridge, configuring resource schedules is easy. As you review scheduling opportunities, you can act immediately and begin realizing the savings. Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus that makes it easier to build event-driven applications at scale using events generated from your applications, integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, and AWS services. nOps automatically creates and deploys EventBridge sources into your AWS accounts, and configures them to signal our nOps Scheduler Lambda. Only nOps is capable of scheduling both EC2 and RDS instances using EventBridge.

nOps Analyzes Your Usage Data And Finds All Of The Resource Scheduling Opportunities In Your Account

nOps Analyzes Your Usage Data And Finds All Of The Resource Scheduling Opportunities In Your Account Based on historical utilization data we can identify the hours when an instance was not being used. Follow our recommended schedules to automatically turn on/off instances and save your costs!

nOps Analyzes Your AWS Usage And Determines How Effectively Schedules Are Reducing Your Actual Bill

nOps constantly analyzes AWS cost and usage reports to determine the impact of your schedules and looks for even more effective scheduling opportunities!

Getting Started

1. Sign up and add your
accounts to the free nOps

2. Create an EventBridge Partner
Source in each account and launch cloudformation to configure it.

3. Review resource scheduling recommendations and create



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