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You moved to the cloud to move fast. But you still need to optimize costs, stay compliant, and deliver excellence. That’s why nOps lets you build, manage, and operate a Well-Architected AWS and Azure infrastructure that is secure, cost-optimized, reliable, efficient, and operationally excellent. And to keep it that way through continuous compliance. Reducing costs and moving fast – now that’s something to jump for.

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Cloud out of control?

Feel like your company’s cloud is running like the wild west? Big on speed and low on accountability and governance?

You moved to the cloud to make business move faster. And it’s working, but as a result, each buy decision is based on an immediate need, not necessarily aligned with your broader strategies nor reevaluated later.

With hundreds of services, cloud offerings can be super complex. Maybe you’re still trying to understand how any given service should be configured. So chances are you’re only using 10% of your cloud potential — but it’s causing 90% of your cloud headache. 

And then, there’s the billing.

It’s been said your cloud bill is a product of the number of engineers you have on staff. Perhaps you’re still even managing cloud on a monthly basis, but buying it on a daily basis. It all leads to wasted money, time, and resources.

Bring some balance to innovate and pull your cloud back into control.

With nOps, find the balance that provides cloud governance guardrails, but empowers your team to innovate at speed.

Streamline cloud data gathering, standardize processes, and get the right information to the right people using nOps automation.

Say goodbye to the painful processes you were once doing manually, by putting cloud data to work and automating intelligence gathering. Instead, remediate via auto-discovery with nOps.

Who needs what? Your boss needs utilization numbers. Finance needs cost. And Compliance needs audit information. nOps can help you get the right information to the right people — right on time and in a format they care about.

Whether they’re doing well-architected assessments or sending quarterly
business reviews, they’ve got what they need, because you’ve got nOps.

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