Change management

Be ready for continuous change that comes with cloud.

The velocity of change in cloud environments is powerful - yet it can be overwhelming. Be a hero and give your clients instant visibility to infrastructure changes, configuration history and change requests (CR), and integrate change management across nOps, Jira, Slack, and email.


Our partners help their customers
know what’s happening.

Manage changes to your customers’ AWS infrastructure—instantly and easily.

Use AWS change management to monitor, analyze, and optimize AWS changes, cost, security, performance, reliability, and operational excellence.

Where once infrastructure and applications were the domain of centralized IT organizations, now your customer’s business units can acquire cloud services with and without the participation of IT. Cloud has changed developers’ and infrastructure teams’ expectations of what is possible and by when.

In many cases, new services are being created without any change management process. In others, IT groups are finding their traditional processes and tools are ill-equipped to handle the increased volume while still addressing issues in a sufficiently timely manner.

nOps arms you and your customers with instant visibility to infrastructure changes, configuration history and change requests (CR), lets you track CR elements automatically, and fits your processes by integrating with Slack and email.

Visibility into changes

View and track all changes to your AWS environment, with the details you need.
See changes grouped by type: Autoscaling, Manual, Terraform.
Get continuous access to essential details of your resources: Active or Inactive, Cost, Group.
Change details include: details for change maker, manual or automated, timestamp with change history, compliance with predefined rules, and a full log of all changes from AWS CloudTrail.

Resource timeline and details

See the timeline and impact of changes to all resources.
Track changes end to end within your environment with associated timelines and details on affected resources.
View any resource and history of all associated changes.
Define projects so you get a view of resources aligned with your business organization.

Change report

View changes by user, cost, status of resource, and more with powerful reporting.
Get a deeper understanding of your business needs and your teams’ operations with visibility into who is using what — and at what cost.
Skip manual processes and gather information automatically to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.
Tag resources so you can track the costs by various tag options.

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