AWS Well-Architected

Be ready to deliver customer solutions based on cloud best-practices.

Your customers need to optimize their AWS workloads for cost, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and operational excellence. Be their hero! Use nOps to deliver fast, fact-based AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews.


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AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews are the fast path to optimizing your customers' cloud infrastructure

nOps helps AWS partners execute and accelerate AWS Well-Architected Reviews and can run continuously in the target environment to help customer organizations stay Well-Architected.
nOps auto-discovers gaps in the customer’s workload based on AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices across all five pillars (cost optimization, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and operational excellence) plus other industry guidelines.
nOps provides near-real-time dashboards for each of the pillars, with the ability to drill-down to the resource level to support rapid root cause analysis.
Powerful auto-discovery supports all five pillars of Well-Architected
nOps’ fast, automated discovery identifies gaps in your target workload based on Well-Architected and other industry guidelines (HIPAA, SOC 2).
Actionable data for better resource utilization, waste management, and RI planning helps you optimize AWS costs and mitigate infrastructure or service disruptions.
For Cost Optimization, auto-discover zombie instances, view all AWS resource costs on the cost dashboard and prioritize resources for rightsizing AWS instances, and more.
For Security, use predefined and customizable security rules for automated checks and alerts (e.g., unrestricted SSH, tag violations), see violations of AWS Config rules (e.g., users without MFA using IAM groups & roles), and more.
You’ll also get similar automation aligned with Performance Efficiency, Reliability, and Operational Excellence pillars. Plus, post-Review, nOps can run, always-on, in the target workload to provide continuous compliance intelligence and alerts.

Faster, smarter AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews

Purpose-built for AWS Well-Architected. nOps supports the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

300% productivity gain for Reviews. Auto-discovery of high-risk issues aligned with AWS Well-Architected guidelines is just the start. You get drill-down dashboards that speed root cause analysis.

Better proposals, better SOW win rates. nOps features like auto-discovery enable fact-based remediation proposals that address the real gaps in your  customers’ workloads. Seamless integration with the AWS tool. Direct API integration with the AWS Well-Architected Tool provides a seamless partner experience.

Partner-inspired features allow for better, successful Well-Architected Reviews
Manage customer invitations and participation in Reviews from the nOps partner dashboard.
Auto-discover high-risk issues in the target workload based on Well-Architected and other industry guidelines.
Drill-down dashboards provide rapid root cause analysis, and you can even create custom survey questions.
Super easy: generate fact-based remediation proposals using technical and funding recommendation templates.
Create, save, and reuse report templates and SOWs.
Integrate seamlessly with the AWS Well-Architected Tool for data sharing and simplified AWS program reporting.

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